The final data release of ALLSMOG: A survey of CO in typical local low- M ∗ star-forming galaxies

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Cicone C.
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Ramírez-Olivencia, N.
Cicone C., Bothwell M., Wagg J., Møller P., De Breuck C., Zhang Z., Martín S., Maiolino R., Severgnini P., Aravena M., Belfiore F., Espada D., Flütsch A., Impellizzeri V., Peng Y., Raj M.A., Ramírez-Olivencia N., Riechers D., Schawinski K.
Astronomy and Astrophysics
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We present the final data release of the APEX low-redshift legacy survey for molecular gas (ALLSMOG), comprising CO(2-1) emission line observations of 88 nearby, low-mass (108.5<M∗ [M·] < 1010) star-forming galaxies carried out with the 230 GHz APEX-1 receiver on the APEX telescope. The main goal of ALLSMOG is to probe the molecular gas content of more typical and lower stellar mass galaxies than have been studied by previous CO surveys. We also present IRAM 30 m observations of the CO(1-0) and CO(2-1) emission lines in nine galaxies aimed at increasing the M∗< 109M· sample size. In this paper we describe the observations, data reduction and analysis methods and we present the final CO spectra together with archival Hi 21 cm line observations for the entire sample of 97 galaxies. At the sensitivity limit of ALLSMOG, we register a total CO detection rate of 47%. Galaxies with higher M∗, SFR, nebular extinction (AV), gas-phase metallicity (O/H), and Hi gas mass have systematically higher CO detection rates. In particular, the parameter according to which CO detections and non-detections show the strongest statistical differences is the gas-phase metallicity, for any of the five metallicity calibrations examined in this work. We investigate scaling relations between the CO(1-0) line luminosity (L'CO(1-0)LCO(1-0)′) and galaxy-averaged properties using ALLSMOG and a sub-sample of COLD GASS for a total of 185 sources that probe the local main sequence (MS) of star-forming galaxies and its ± 0.3 dex intrinsic scatter from M∗ = 108.5M· to M∗ = 1011M·. L'CO(1-0) LCO(1-0)′ is most strongly correlated with the SFR, but the correlation with M∗ is closer to linear and almost comparably tight. The relation between L'CO(1-0)LCO(1-0)′ and metallicity is the steepest one, although deeper CO observations of galaxies with AV< 0.5 mag may reveal an as much steep correlation with AV. Our results suggest that star-forming galaxies across more than two orders of magnitude in M∗ obey similar scaling relations between CO luminosity and the galaxy properties examined in this work. Besides SFR, the CO luminosity is likely most fundamentally linked to M∗, although we note that stellar mass alone cannot explain all of the variation in CO emission observed as a function of O/H and MHI. © ESO, 2017.

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Galaxies: general; Galaxies: ISM; Galaxies: star formation