Data in this database are freely available under the request of citation of this paper and the paper in which the used data were published.

In the last decades, the experimental setup located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, has produced a significant number of experimental scattering matrices as functions of the scattering angle of randomly oriented small particles. The Dutch setup was closed in 2007. An improved descendant of the Dutch experimental setup has been recently constructed at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía, CSIC, the IAA cosmic dust laboratory. To provide an incentive for further research and applications all published Dutch and Spanish experimental data are accessible through this database.

SUMMARY OF SAMPLES in the Amsterdam-Granada Light Scattering Database.



Optical modeling of volcanic ash particles using ellipsoids Puyehue ash

April, 2015   The single-scattering properties of volcanic ash particles are modeled here by using ellipsoidal shapes. Ellipsoids are expected to improve accuracy of remote sensing retrievals, which are currently often based on over-simplified assumptions of spherical ash particles. Measurements of single-scattering optical properties of ash particles from several volcanoes across the globe, including previously unpublished measurements from the Eyjafjallajakull and Puyehue volcanoes, are used to assess the performance of the ellipsoidal particle models. Read more

December, 2014   Scattering matrices of Martian dust analogs at 488 nm and 647 nm. Icarus, 250, 83-94, 2015 Read more