Cabo de Gata

Cabo de Gata is one of the last pristine landscapes on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. As a UNESCO Biosphere heritage and Spanish Natural Park only limited touristic development is allowed and traditional forms of farming and living are encouraged. Cabo de Gata is seaside Spain as it was before the boom of tourism.
The park lies about 2h driving from Granada in the eastern part of the province of Almería. Relatively unknown to foreign tourists, the park is dotted with beautiful large beaches and a number of small villages. The most accessible beaches are busy but never too full during the day in high season, but off-peak you can be totally alone with the yourself and the sea.

The region experienced an active volcanic period more than 10 million years ago. The traces of old lava flows and volcanic rocks can be seen everywhere in the park, the highest peak is also an extinct volcano. Offshore riffs and rocks and the interaction between different currents provide the basis for a rich marine life. The part between Almeria and the cape contains a number of salt flats separated from the sea by a small stretch of land where flamingos can be seen. For some info about the park go to (in Spanish)

Cabo de Gata is a semi-arid region with only 160mm of precipitation per year. Due to its location, the park has more than 300 windy days per year but towards the end of the summer the amount of wind usually decreases. Temperatures are mild all year round, reaching up to 30 during the day in summer (see "practicalities").

Las Negras

Las Negras is a small fishing village in the middle of Cabo de Gata in a small bay surrounded by hills that isolate it from the rest of the world. Despite its small size it has a number of restaurants and an active nightlife with bars, concerts and other activities.
Las Negras has a small beach with sun at any time of the day, another small beach (Cala del Cuervo) is only 10 min by foot. One of the major beaches in the park, "El Playazo de Rodalquilar", is 1h by foot to the south, to the north several beaches are found at a similar distance, some of them can only be reached by foot from a path along the coast. If you want a beach for yourself, Cabo de Gata is the place. Here is a detailed map of villages and beaches in Cabo de Gata.

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