The evolution of galaxies resolved in space and time: a view of inside-out growth from the CALIFA survey

Pérez, R. Cid Fernandes, R.M. González Delgado, R. García-Benito, S.F. Sánchez, B. Husemann, D. Mast, 
J.R. Rodón, D. Kupko, N. Backsmann, A.L. de Amorim, G. van de Ven, J. Walcher, L. Wisotzki, C. Cortijo
& CALIFA collaboration                                                                                                       
Astrophysical Journal Letters, in press
Follow the evolution of the stellar mass growth in the CMD.

The number on the top-right is the age (Myr) from today; 
thus the animation starts ‘then’ (12Gyr ago) and runs forwards till today.

The color is the mass density in log units of solar masses.

N.B. The fossil record method used in this work does not allow to ascertain the actual precise location of the stars formed at any epoch, and assumes that overall distribution of stellar types does not change significantly spatially over the history of the galaxy for all the galaxies in general. Current simulations support this hypothesis to a large extent (of course, barring cases of individual galaxy merging).