This section contains some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding MCS usage.


Does MCS run on Mac/Windows/Linux/XYZ?

MCS is written entirely in the Python programming language, and uses only supporting Python packages. As long as a platform supports Python and the necessary packages, it can run some version of MCS. On recent Linux, Mac and Windows versions, all of these packages are available.

Does MCS work with Python 3?

Yes, but only Python 3.6 or later. Just install with Python 3. Of course, you need all the supporting modules for Python 3 (NumPy, SciPy, Qt 5, etc.).

Does MCS work with Python 2?

No. If you absolutely have to use Python 2, please ask MCS developer.


What GUI toolkit does MCS use?

MCS support PyQt5.

Control Bindings

Can I customize the user interface mappings?

Yes. There is more information in the sec-bindings section.

Where can I find a quick reference of the bindings?

See Section mcs-quick-reference.


Is it possible to control MCS remotely?

Yes, in fact it is the most common usage, using the remote desktop tool NoMachine.

I/O and File Formats

What library are you using for FITS I/O?

For Python FITS file saving and reading, MCS uses the package Astropy FITS

Problems Displaying Images

Problems Plotting Spectrums