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Here we describe some of the research carried out by our group in colaboration
with the Departament of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics of the 
University of Oxford, UK, for/during/after the analysis and validation of the 
measurements of the radiometer ISAMS.

ISAMS (Improved Stratospheric and Mesospheric Sounder) is an emision infrared 
radiometer flown on board the satellite UARS (Upper Atmosphere Research 
Satellite) and devoted to the remote sounding of atmospheric temperature, 
pressure and minor constituents by measuring atmospheric infrared emissions 
in  a number of spectral channels. This instrument, which employes the 
technique of pressure modulation, was designed and built at Oxford University,
and was operating between Sep-1991 and July-1992 on board UARS.

In our Group we have worked on modeling non-LTE emissions to be measured by 
ISAMS, on the analysis of some of those data, on the validation of one of the 
key target gases: carbon monoxide, and in the intercomparison of ISAMS and 
other spacecraft remote measurements (like ATMOS versus ISAMS CO, or HRDI and 
ISAMS temperatures in the upper mesosphere). 

The major results have been presented in a number of publications. 

Here you can find out more details about some of them:

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