What have we missed in extraterrestrial space?

Humans have always looked to space with curiosity, fascination and sometimes fear. Many of us have thought about whether or not we would dare to take a trip outside the atmosphere, and we may even think that before spending so much money on sending astronauts, there are other problems to solve here on Earth. 
Juan de Dalmau, president of the International Space University and former director of Ariane rocket launch operations in French Guiana, has also asked himself these questions and will try to give some answers to questions such as: 
- Why are we fascinated by what lies beyond? 
- Why do so many scientists study the space sciences? 
- Have they found intelligent life and don't tell us? 
- What are so many artificial satellites for? 
- What happens if two of them collide, or if a piece falls on our heads? 
- Are there laws for that, and are they respected? 
- Why is there talk of a "space race" between countries? 
- Are there military activities in space, as in Star Wars? 
- Can climate change be understood from space, in order to combat it? 
- What problems on earth can be solved from space? 
- Is it only the rich countries that profit from it? 
- Are the new companies that emerge to exploit space resources and send tourists all American? 
- Where can one study to dedicate oneself to these subjects? 
24/06/2021 - 19:30
Juan de Dalmau
International Space University