Manuel Félix Herrera Sessions

The Manuel Félix Herrera training sessions - CCD (Conferences, Cinema and Debates) will motivate your critical attitude and teach you aspects of different fields to your specialty.



Manuel Félix Herrera was a young doctoral student at the IAA, a tragic accident ended his life and his brilliant researcher future. These sessions recall the enthusiasm and eagerness to know the Cosmos of our colleague Manuel Félix.


At this point in our training, which we are beginning to be researchers, a step in this direction is to contribute our bit to the activities already under way in the center. We thought it would be good not only for ourselves but for the whole school, offer a series of activities organized by the IFI group, within our possibilities allow us. Thus, with the motivation of the director and staff support center, comprising born these three thematic sessions, always within the scientific community: Conferences, Cinema and articles Debates (CCD).

Who are we?

We are early stage researchers, i.e. all those workers belonging to IAA that seek to obtain the title of doctor. Our group is composed of more than 40 people, a total of 170 that make up the institute.


These sessions aim to do our part in the activities taking place within the IAA. Our goal is that they serve both us and all members of the center, to create a space for discussion where you see extended our knowledge in fields outside the specialty of each and critical reflection is promoted science.


We thank the director of IAA who gave us the motivation to create these sessions activities. Also, we thank all the staff of the IAA who have participated in these sessions. We would also like to pay special tribute to Inma, who selflessly helped us to design and create this website.