Blazar Science with POLAMI: Polarimetric Monitoring of AGN at Millimeter Wavelengths

A pioneering long term program at the IRAM 30m Telescope dubbed POLAMI (Polarimetric Monitoring of AGN with Millimetre Wavelengths) observes the 4 Stokes parameters of the continuum emission at 3.5 and 1.3 mm, with a time sampling of ~2 weeks for the ~40 brighter sources in the northern sky. The XPOL polarimeter, connected to different heterodyne receiver sets, has been used since the beginning of our observations. In this talk I will introduce the POLAMI program as well as the most salient impact on blazar science of the scientific results obtained from the first analysis of the data that have been recently published in a series of three MNRAS papers (POLAMI Papers I, II, and III).

21/06/2018 - 12:30
Dr. Iván Agudo