Can CALIFA tell us something about the cosmic evolution of the star formation rate and stellar mass of the Universe?

We investigate the cosmic evolution of the absolute and specific star formation rate (SFR, sSFR) of galaxies as derived from a spatially-resolved study of the stellar populations in a set of nearby galaxies from the CALIFA survey. The results show again the uniqueness of the CALIFA survey to characterize the cosmic evolution of the spatially- resolved SFR and stellar mass of galaxies. Also the success of the fossil record of the stellar populations of this sample of nearby galaxies to derive ρSFR, sSFR, and ρ⋆, that are in good agreement with the results from the snapshot galaxy surveys in a large range of redshifts. Thanks to the spatially-resolved information of the CALIFA data, we can retrieve the contributions of different regions, mainly representative by the current bulges and disks of early type and spirals to ρSFR , and ρ⋆ .

15/02/2018 - 12:30
Prof. Rosa González