HI mapping of nearby dwarf galaxies with SKA pathfinders: unique capabilities of KAT-7 and MeerKAT

Dwarf galaxies are by far the most numerous galaxies in the Local Universe. Their simple structure and proximity provides a unique window to the detailed investigation of various processes necessary for galaxy formation and evolution. One of the most reliable approach for studying the evolution of galaxies is to look at their physical properties using the neutral hydrogen gas (HI).  In this talk I will present ongoing work on the HI properties of dwarf galaxies with SKA path-finders. I will also report the discovery of large amounts of cold HI gas in a nearby galaxy group. The observations were obtained with South Africa’s MeerKAT-64 array as part of the early science program. The sensitivity of MeerKAT allowed us to detect a complex web of low-surface brightness HI emission.

31/03/2020 - 12:30
Dr. Brenda Namumba
South African Radio Astronomy Observatory and Rhodes University.