High-z proto-clusters with the GTC

The study of high-z proto-clusters are important for constraining several cosmological parameters. These clusters are hard to find as they do no yet emit the strong X-ray emission typical of the local clusters. These proto-clusters are however found either around strong QSO’s or more often around strong star-forming galaxies. Incidentally, they are also found around strong sub-millimetre galaxies. We have undertaken a search for Lyα sources around two strong Lyα sources at z~6.5 discovered by Ouchi (2010) in the Subaru Deep Field. Likewise, we have serendipitously found an over-density of Lyα sources at z~5.2 in our search for these type of sources in the SHARDS survey. In the talk,  I will describe these observation and discuss the posible evolution of the proto-cluster found at z~6.5

27/09/2017 - 12:30
Prof. Jose Miguel Rodríguez-Espinosa
IAC, Spain