J-PAS: a survey for tracing the role that star formation and environment play in galaxy evolution

The processes that explain the evolution of galaxies from the blue cloud to the red sequence are still under discussion. Internal processes, named as mass-quenching, because they are linked to the galaxy mass or AGN feedback, could be responsible of the rapid quench of the star formation in galaxies. Besides the stellar mass, the evolution of the galaxy populations is also a function of the environment. Unlike the mass quenching, the environmental quenching is associated with external processes acting in galaxy groups and clusters.

J-PAS is an 8000 deg2 galaxy survey, that is perfect to investigate the role that star formation and environment play in the evolution of galaxies. This is thanks to its power to identify and map the galaxy members of groups and clusters up to z ~ 1, and to characterize their galaxy populations.

 Our IAA-group has already proved this power of J-PAS for the understanding of the star formation and environments as drivers of galaxy evolution through the analysis of miniJPAS. The survey is 1 deg2 in the AEGIS field with the J-PAS photometric system. In this talk, we will discuss the results obtained related to the identification and characterization of the galaxy populations in groups and clusters, and role that group environment plays in quenching the star formation in galaxies.

02/03/2023 - 12:30
Dr. Rosa González Delgado