SO Colloquium: Sex and gender analysis in research and Innovation

This lecture aims to increase researchers’ awareness of the current demands for the inclusion of sex and gender in their research. In fact, several governments and granting agencies, such as the European Commission and the Spanish Agencia Nacional de Investigación (AEI), now require that requests for funding address whether, and in what sense, sex and gender are relevant to the objectives and methodologies of the research proposed. Parallel with these official requests, many science publisher houses have agreed on the demand that sex and gender should be included, whenever possible, in their publications. Yet few research scientists or engineers know how to do gender analysis. This lecture addresses this fact by shedding light on the how and the why.

The lecture will refer to these demands and offer ideas and samples, when possible, to solve them.

16/09/2022 - 12:30
Dr. Capitolina Díaz
Universidad de Valencia, Spain