Bar parameter evolution over the last 7 Gyr

The tumbling pattern of a bar is the main parameter characterising  its dynamics. This bar pattern speed, the bar ellipticity and its  length are the three observational parameters that fully characterize  bars. From numerical simulations, their evolution since bar formation  is tightly linked to the dark halo in which the bar is formed through  dynamical friction and angular momentum exchange. Observational  measurements of the bar size and pattern speed with redshift can  restrict models of galaxy formation and bar evolution. I shall  present some recently published and new results of an observational  study characterising the bar pattern speed and bar size evolution  over the last 7 Gyr. We obtain the bar parameters using SDSS and  COSMOS data.  I will also present and discuss new results on the  dependence of the bar pattern speed with Hubble type for nearby  galaxies using the CALIFA data set and numerical simulations, and  their impact on the bar parameter evolution.

16/01/2014 - 13:30
Dr. Isabel Pérez