Colloquium on ERC's proposals

Funded by an ERC Consolidator grant, eLightning is a research project about one of the most familiar but also least understood phenomena in nature: the lightning discharge. We will use what we know about discharges in the upper atmosphere to look for answers to some of the most pressing questions about lightning: why do most lightning channels advance discontinuously? what is the source of X- and gamma rays emanating from lightning and thunderclouds? In this talk I will shortly present the roots and objectives of the eLightning project. Then I will comment on my experiences applying for an ERC grant. I will provide some advice that is personal, biased and based on a single data point.

-- Alejandro Luque

In this talk I will briefly talk about my experience with an ERC Consolidator Grant and with serving as an advisor for ERC Grants for colleagues and within the CSIC. I will talk about the proposal and evaluation process - including my failed attempts at obtaining a Starting Grant. I will provide - from my point of view - some advice on how to prepare a potentially successful proposal as well as mention some of the more practical aspects on managing the grant.

-- Rainer Schoedel


21/04/2016 - 12:30
Drs. Alejandro Luque & Rainer Schoedel