Energetic transients as a part of time domain astronomy in TMT era

  Study of energetic cosmic explosions as a part of time domain astronomyis one of the key areas that could be pursued with upcoming Giant segmented optical-IR telescopes with a very large photon collecting area applying cutting edge technology. Existing 8-10m class telescopes have been helpful to improve our knowledge about Core-Collapse Supernovae, Gamma-ray Bursts and nature of their progenitors and explosion mechanisms. However, many aspects about these energetic cosmic explosions are still not well-understood and require much bigger telescopes and back-end instruments with high precision to address the evolution of massive stars and high-redshift Universe in more detail. In this presentation, possible thrust research areas towards Core-Collapse Supernovae and Gamma-ray Bursts with Giant segmented optical-IR telescopes like Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) and back-end instruments are discussed.

27/11/2014 - 13:30
S. B. Pandey
ARIES, Nainital, India