Galaxy morphologies in multi-wavelength surveys

In this talk I will present novel results obtained by using a combination of broad and narrow band optical photometry, from the J-PAS and S-PLUS surveys, in the determination and study galaxy of galaxies’ morphologies. In particular we used Morfometrika and GALFITM to recover non-parametric and parametric values to characterize galaxies’ shapes, as well as a deep learning method for the S-PLUS survey to classify galaxies into early and late type galaxies. This data allow us to identify star forming early type galaxies and study their environment. We also used the morphological parameters to identify a sample of lenticular galaxies in the Illustris TNG cosmological simulation, in order to recover their evolutionary paths.

13/01/2022 - 12:30
Dra. Arianna Cortesi
CBPF, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.