The lifetime dilemma of evaporating black holes

The standard view is that black holes exist, maybe not with all the properties of strict black holes in classical General Relativity, but sufficiently close to them that one does not need worrying in the astrophysical practice. Most proposals for how quantum corrected black holes should be lead to a dilemma: It appears impossible in practise to verify experimentally the validity of those proposals. Guided by some discomfort with this situation and by some alternative ideas about what sort of new effects might appear in a high-energy completion of General Relativity, we have proposed a radically different view of what could happen during the gravitational collapse process. For instance, we propose that this process could be just a fast transition between a transient black hole and a white hole. In the talk I will start describing why people think that black holes exist reviewing a little bit of their history. Then, I will describe the different motivations behind our proposal and its main characteristics, its most important being its potential falsifiability.

28/04/2016 - 12:30
Dr. Carlos Barceló