OCTOCAM: Proposal for a multichannel imager and spectrograph with high-time-resolution capabilities for the 8.1m Gemini telescopes

OCTOCAM is a multichannel imager and spectrograph that we will be proposing in the months to come for the 8.1m Gemini telescopes, in response to a call for feasibility studies of new instruments that has been recently opened. It will use dichroics to split the incoming light to obtain simultaneous observations in 8 different bands, from the ultraviolet to the near infrared. In its imaging mode, it will have a field of view of around 3'x3' in , g, r, i, z, J, H y Ks, while in the long slit spectroscopic mode it will cover the range from 4 000 to 23 000 A with a resolution of ~1 000 or ~3 000, depending on the type of slit that we use. Additionally, OCTOCAM will use sate-of-the-art detectors to reach readout speeds of tens of milliseconds. In this way, OCTOCAM will occupy a space in the temporal resolution - spectral resolution - spectral coverage diagram that is not covered by any other single instrument in any other observatory, and with an exceptional sensitivity. In this talk I will present the instrument with the goal of getting the interest of part of the personnel of the institute and to invite them to participate in its development.

15/10/2014 - 14:30
Dr. Antonio de Ugarte Postigo