Presentation of the HETH group (High Energy Transients and their Hosts)

HETH is one of the youngest groups at IAA, founded in 2012, and belongs to both the extragalactic and stellar department. Thanks to recent success in funding applications, both by the group and by external researchers, HETH has now grown to a group of 7 young researchers. Research at HETH is covering a wide range of transients, from novae to magnetars, supernovae (SNe) and gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). We are focussing on studying peculiar transients such as super-luminous SNe and outliers from their respective transient classes using photometry and spectroscopy obtained through rapid target-of-opportunity observations. Another main research area of the group is the study of the immediate environment and host galaxies of these transients. This serves on one hand to get information on the progenitors of stellar explosions, on the other hand, we want to study the impact of these events on their environment. This is done mostly using different 3D observing techniques. HETH is furthermore part of several large collaborations (e.g. SHOALS, SUSHIES, X-shooter GRBs and ZTF in the future) and is involved in astronomical instrumentation (e.g. OCTOCAM).

In this seminar we will present the group and highlight some of the research that the group members are pursuing. After the seminar we will serve some treats in the patio.

29/09/2016 - 12:30
Dr. Cristina Thöne