SO Coloquio: Constraints on the origin of free-floating planets from the mass function

The stellar mass function is a fundamental parameter to constrain star formation models. Although the stellar content has been extensively studied since Salpeter's first work in 1955, the study of the planetary mass regime is only now becoming feasible. I will present a recent census of the Upper Scorpius and Ophiuchus star- forming region, where we identified between 70 and 170 free- floating planets. This is by far the largest sample of free-floating planets in a single association, and nearly doubles the number of free- floating planets known to date in the entire sky. I will show the mass function of this region (10 Msun to 4 MJup) and discuss how it can constrain the formation mechanisms that formed free-floating planets.

21/04/2022 - 12:30
Dra. Núria Miret Roig
Universidad de Viena, Austria