Star formation and AGN activity in the most luminous LINERs in the local universe

In this talk I will focus on the most luminous LINERs in the local universe, where we studied their SF and AGN activity in order to understand the LINER phenomenon in relation to star-forming galaxies and to compare their properties with those of the LINERs at z ~ 0.3. I will present the properties of 42 highest star formation rate LINERs at z = 0.04 - 0.11. We obtained long-slit spectroscopy of the nuclear regions for all sources, and FIR data (Herschel and IRAS) for 13 of them. We measured emission line intensities, extinction, stellar populations, stellar masses, ages, AGN luminosities, and star-formation rates. We found considerable differences from other low-redshift LINERs, in terms of extinction, and general similarity to star forming galaxies. We confirmed the existence of such luminous LINERs in the local universe, after being previously detected at z ~ 0.3 by Tommasin et al. (2012). We found that most of these sources have LAGN ~ LSF suggesting co-evolution of black hole and stellar mass. In addition, we saw that among local LINERs being on the main-sequence of SF galaxies is related to their AGN luminosity.

02/06/2016 - 12:30
Dr. Mirjana Povic