Stellar population studies in the J-PAS survey

The Javalambre Physics of the Accelerating Universe Astrophysical Survey (J-PAS) is a large scale multi-filter survey that has started to observe 8500 deg² of the northern sky with 54 narrow-band filters in the optical range (3500-9600Å). In our Galaxy Evolution group at IAA-CSIC, we aimed at developing and testing methodologies in order to perform stellar populations studies using this kind of data. More precisely, I will introduce our SED-fitting codes and the potential of J-PAS to determine the integrated properties of the stellar content of galaxies up to redshift z~1 (including age, metallicity, stellar mass, etc.), techniques for the determination of the stellar mass and luminosity functions of galaxies in this kind of surveys, and how to constrain the stellar population properties of spatially resolved galaxies up to 2-3 half light radius only using the miniJPAS/J-PAS images by means of a tool that we are developing in our group (IFU-like studies).

25/01/2024 - 12:30
Dr. Luis Alberto Díaz García
IAA-CSIC, Granada, Spain