In this conference we want to bring together two different communities to better understand the mutual influences between the life and death of massive stars and their galactic environment. There are review talks on different subjects to put everyone on the same level for discussions, and contributed talks on more specific topics and short talks instead of a poster session. Review talks are 25+5min, contributed talks 15+5min and short talks 10min including questions. Talks will be put online on this page after the conference. We are planning to publish online-proceedings that are free of charge but will be listed in publication databases.

logo The general scheduling of the program includes a long lunch break of at least 3h so that you can enjoy and explore the different beaches of Cabo de Gata. Other social and scientific acitivies include:

  • Monday evening (20:00): Welcome cocktail at Cala Grande.
  • Tuesday (19:30 - open end): Public outreach event at the hotel for tourists (in Spanish and English)
  • Wednesday (until 16:30): Free for tours and acitivies, suggestions see below.
  • Wednesday (20:00 - 21:00): Informal discussion round at the poor bar of Cala Grande, note the change to Wednesday!
  • Thursday evening (20:30): Conference dinner at "La Gallineta" in El Pozo de los Frailes (transport will be provided).
The costs for all those activities are included in the conference fee (except for a few more expensive tours on Wednesday).

Invited speakers

logo logo
  • Lise Christensen (Dark Cosmology Centre)
  • Paul Crowther (Univ. of Sheffield)
  • Chris Fryer (Los Alamos National Lab)
  • Christa Gall (Goddard Space Flight Center)
  • Matthew Lehnert (GEPI, Observatoire de Paris)
  • Giorgos Leloudas (Oskar Klein Centre, Stockholm)
  • Daniele Malesani (Dark Cosmology Center)
  • Michal Michalowski (Univ. of Edinburgh)
  • Maryam Modjaz (New York University)
  • Mercedes Mollá (CIEMAT)
  • Polychronis Papaderos (Univ. do Porto)
  • Enrique Perez-Montero (IAA - CSIC)
  • Dan Perley (Caltech/Hubble Fellow)
  • Martin Roth (Astrophys. Inst. Potsdam)

Final program

Below you find the final version of the program. If for some reason you cannot make it in the last minute, please tell us as early as possible!

Note to all speakers: You are explicitely encouraged to bring your own laptop for your presentation. If you do not bring a computer, please provide the talk as pdf slides, if that is not possible, tell us which program + version you used for making the talk, we will have Powerpoint and Keynote for Mac available. If you have a Mac, please bring an adaptor for the projector, especially if you have a very old or a very new model. The same applies for any other computer that does not have a serial port.

Program as pdf for download (version 4.0, Sept. 23)

Suggested activities for Wednesday

Detailed info on the activities will be given in early September. We will ask you upon registration at the conference which one you want to join since some tours need to know the number of participants a few days in advance.

  • Kayak tours incl. snorkling
  • Tours with 4x4
  • Horseback riding
  • Hiking
  • Scuba diving (extra payment)
  • Mountain biking
  • Speleology tour (3.5 - 4h) in "Cuevas de Sorbas" , equipment provided, bring comfortable clothes and hiking shoes.
    Transport to the caves will be organized privately.